Education system.

There’s a huge gap between private schools and public schools. A private school is supported by parent’s fees, a public school is supported by the government.

Teachers in private schools understand that it is their responsibility to teach pupils and prepare them for the real world, they do so by teaching them theory and allowing them to practice the theory. Private schools have all the resources learners need for their learning. Private schools have science laboratories for science learners, they have kitchens for consumer studies learners, they have music, drama and even drawing classes. They accommodate different interests of different learners.

Private schools offer various extra curricula activities like sports, chess, debate, public speaking and many more. Learners who go to private schools do not only go to school for learning, they go to school to discover and showcase their talent, hence dance classes, soccer practice and so on. Private schools teach learners how to use a computer.

Learners from private schools are taken to universities to see how the environment is there, so they do not struggle too much when they go there and so they can be sure with the cause and the career they want to choose for themselves.

The same cannot not be said about public schools. Learners from public schools lack skills, they arw very good with theory but what’s the pointif they cannot practice it? The education system in public schools is failing our learners. For instance teachers know their best learners, so they focus more them and show little care or no care at all to those learners that don’t do well in their subjects. This discourages those learners and they end up hating the subject and the teacher. Some teachers are just cheque collectors, they go to class, teach and learners do not understand, they don’t care and they know that come month end, they get their full salary.

Public schools do not have or get enough resources, there are public schools that don’t have science laboratories, don’t practice sports and other extra curricula activities and that is why learners are found smoking drugs at school, playing in class and show little or no interest in going to school. Most Public schools do not have computer labs so learners struggleto use computer when they get to universities, collages or and the workplace.

In stead of taking pupils to universities, they take them to career exhibitions where people from different universities talk to them about university life, so they have to imagine it, because it’s something they are yet to experience. They end up choosing the wrong courses because they think they are the best for them and those courses are nursing, teaching and social worker (psychology).

Public schools put more focus in learners who are doing mathematics, science and accounting. Why? Because they are seen as the smartest learners. General stream and humanities don’t matter and these learners pass more than those who are doing mathematics, science and accounting. Even the government establishes programmes for mathematics, science and accounting, but what about the other subjects? Are they not important enough? Unknowingly the government brings inequality in public schools. Mathematics, science and accounting learner end up doing humanities when they get to varsity, so I don’t understand the fuss when it comes to these school subjects.

The education system is not the same in public and private schools . They do not get quality and equal education education. Private schools are not free and this means high quality of education and public schools are free, this means poor quality of education.

Author: Nomfundo Ngobese


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  1. I could count a lot of things that our single moms go through to raise us, great piece

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