When someone is living in fear, they are afraid, they are scared, they are horrified and they are terrified of something or someone.

We live in a society whereby we afraid of one another, humans behave like animals. We are supposed to be afraid of animals but we are afraid of human beings because they have turned into animals. Guns and bombs were created to kill mankind, this shows how dangerous human beings can be.

The issue that we are facing lately is women and children abuse. Women and children who are victims of abuse are afraid to speak up because the society always finds a way to blame them for the abuse. For instance, a 50 year old man rapes a 15 year old girl, the society will try by all means to justify the man’s actions by criticizing the girl. They will ask what was she warring? What was she doing on the streets at night? They will say she seduced him, she brought it to herself, she is lying this man wouldn’t do that. Because of this, victims of rape are afraid to come out and tell their story. Sometimes they are afraid to come out because of the threats they get from the perpetrators.

Women are abused by their husbands/ partners everyday and still stay in those unhealthy relationships because of ‘LOVE’. It is not love it’s FEAR, they are afraid to leave because their abuser will beat them or even kill them if they do. They are afraid to speak out because they are protecting their abuser’s reputation. They are afraid to speak out because the society will criticize and blame them. They end up being killed by their abusers or killing themselves because THEY ARE AFRAID.

Victims are not the only ones afraid to speak out. The society is also afraid hence it tries to justify the man’s actions. People who witness their loved ones or people they know being abused are scared to report the abuse because the abuser might come after them or might erase evidence by killing his victim.

I feel like these men who abuse women and children feel like they are not man enough if they are not feared, if they don’t demand respect, if they don’t force women or children to do what they don’t want to do. I mean like really, do you really think you are a man if you rape, kill or beat a child or a woman? Brutally killing or beating someone who cannot defend themselves shows how much of a coward you are.

This has to stop. We need to stop living in fear. We need to speak up, if you see someone being abused speak up, you might be saving their life. Men you need to protect women and children. Society needs to come together as one and fight against women and children abuse.


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