When one has unprotected sex, they are at high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases or infections and unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

Nurses and doctors always advise us not to have unprotected intercourse and if you are having unprotected intercourse they say you should know your parent’s status and he or she should know yours. We are also told to have sex with one partner, but do we do that?

Lately, when one has unsafe intercourse, the first thing they worry about is pregnancy and I feel like that should not be the case. One can buy a morning after pill, they can abort if they really don’t want the child and they can also give birth to the child and give him or her up for adoption if they feel like they are incapable of taking care of the child.

What’s the first test you think of when you have had unprotected intercourse?

We are so worried about getting pregnant more than we are of getting STIs, that the first test we take after we have had unprotected intercourse is a pregnancy test. This is not done by women only, a man would actually encourage his woman to do a pregnancy test, simply because he is not ready to be a father. And we forget that pregnancy is something we can live with, you don’t get pregnant for the rest of your life and a child is a blessing from God, unplanned or planned.

Why don’t we go to the clinic and test for STIs after having unsafe sex? We are so ignorant that that we only think of STIs when someone we know or love find out they have been infected. Some STIs can be cured and some cannot. Some you have to live with them for the rest of your life and some can even kill you. But you worry about pregnancy? What about your life and healthy?

It is okay to do a pregnancy test after unsafe sex but is it IMPORTANT to test for STIs after having unsafe sex.



  1. great post Nomfundo… Youre very informative and educational, but there’s one thing i don’t like about u…we support, read, comment and like your post but u don’t do the same

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  2. 😂 wena Nomfundo your stance is clear, you in the direction of columns. I like the fact that you speak more about what we speak less about.

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  3. Wow thank you for enlightening me, you know I also only thought about pregnancy and HIV and forgetting about these other infections and which is something I will look into as from today

    Keep up with the work👌✊💯

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