Racism became a problem during the 18th century, it is hate or discrimination directed to someone of a different race with a belief that the other race is superior than the other.

In South Africa during Apartheid, the Apartheid government used physical appearances (hair,bone,skin) to classify race. It did not end there, the Apartheid government then classified race according to power, the more powerful (superior) and the less powerful (inferior). Whites were the superior race, blacks, Indians and coulords being the inferior races. Facilities were separated according to race.

Even in the post Apartheid South Africa racism still exists. Whites still see blacks as inferior, as slaves and many other things and we all know that and we are aware of it. What we are not aware of is the discrimination or hate by blacks towards white. Not that we are not aware of, we are but we think or feel like it is okay for blacks to hate whites because whites caused them pain in the past.

Not every white person is racist, but those who are make it look like they are all racist.


Whites, especially those who grew up during the apartheid, still believe that blacks should be taught ‘how to serve their master’ and they pass this mentality on to the next generations. Hence, we find white children at school isolating themselves from black children, we have white children calling black children names. Another cause of all this is that we still have black people working as domestic workers for whites.

I’ve noticed how lectures are afraid to offend whites when talking about gender issues. It is okay for them to say how blacks were seen during theApartheid, but they shy away from the horrible things white people did to blacks, because they don’t want white students to feel somehow . In this way they are saying our ( black students) feelings don’t matter but whites students feelings do matter. This paints a picture to white students that they are more important than black students.

The hate blacks have towards white people is justified because of the Apartheid. But should it be justified? We say we want equality but we don’t treat whites equal and they don’t treat us equal.

History (subject) teaches black students how to hate whites and the stories they are told by their parents and grandparents also teaches them how and why they should hate white people.

In the issue of racism we often forget to talk about colords and Indians, making blacks and whites more important and the only races that are affected by racism.

Truth is we are all racist but we (blacks) don’t think that we are racist because we feel that it’s okay to hate whites.

How do we do away with racism?

I don’t see that happening any time soon, but all we have to do is believe that one day we will look at each other and see one race, the human race just like Robert Sobukwe believed.


1 thought on “RACISM

  1. Well according to me racism will never end not only in South Africa but the whole world

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